Chinese lessons in Panyu

Autumn Semester 2019

September 2nd to January 8th

Study Chinese in Panyu with Expat Chinese, our Panyu center is located at Clifford Wonderland, right inside the shopping mall area. Our spacious center there offers a relaxing environment for Chinese lessons and workshops.

Our group courses are the perfect fit for you who wants to put 2 or more hours per week into learning Chinese and wants to study together with a motivated group of students. We limit the number of students to 3 to 6 to ensure high quality small group teaching.

I think expat Chinese is one of the best Chinese teaching organizations I’ve encountered.

Terra from USA

Course descriptions

Beginner Chinese is for absolute beginners and during this semester you will learn daily life conversational Chinese. After this course you can pass HSK Level 1. Our topics include: introductions, making friends, taking a taxi, shopping, ordering food, talking about time. Basic Chinese you need when living in Guangzhou.

Chinese level 2 is suitable for those who have studied Beginner Chinese or have passed HSK level 1 or similar level. After this course you can pass level 2. We will continue to learn daily life Chinese and improve our fluency in speaking and listening. You will be more comfortable in communicating in Chinese. Our topics include: asking for directions, weather, hair salon, massage parlor, hospital, pharmacy, repairing etc

Elementary Conversation class is suitable for beginners to HSK 2 level students who want to become more confident speakers of Chinese. With different daily life topics we will learn useful phrases that you can use right away after class!

Can’t find a suitable group for you? Come to us with a group of friends and colleagues, we will make a group for you! Coming on your own? We can match you with other students for suitable times.

Conversational Course

Private lessons in Panyu

If you want more flexibility and want to concentrate on your specific goals, you can consider private lessons. A professional teacher will make a study plan together with you according to your needs and goals.

More information about private lessons, click here!

Teacher Alice (right) is the manager at our Panyu center

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