How to attend Chinese classes safely during a virus outbreak?

Expat Chinese is slowly getting back to teaching Chinese after a long Chinese New Year holiday due to the covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. In this article we are sharing how Expat Chinese is taking safety measures to ensure healthy classrooms for everyone. We will also share some tips everyone can follow for good personal hygiene.

Expat Chinese only provides 1on1 lessons or small group lessons. Large activities or events have been suspended until further notice. We will notify all students when our activities like Chinese Corner will resume.

We follow daily official news and notices regarding the outbreak.

Common areas at our offices are being disinfected regularly

Safety measures for coming to class:

  • Please wear a mask when you come to our center
  • At the lobby the guards will check your temperature and your Sui Kang health mini program registration, we will help you to fill it
  • Hand sanitazers are available in lifts, both lobbies and in the classroom, please use it before and after class
  • Don’t come to class if you have fever, cough or other symptoms
  • Please wait for 14 days before coming to class if you have visited Wuhan, Hubei province or other critical outbreak areas abroad (following official Guangdong and Guangzhou requirements)
  • Classrooms are disinfected every day, hand sanitazers and disinfectants are available in all classrooms
  • During this time we don’t recommend using hand shakes or hugs to greet people
  • For more questions how we promote healthy classrooms, please contact us

Taking care of personal hygiene when attending classes:

  • Wear a mask when you come to class, wearing a mask in public spaces is mandatory in Guangzhou right now
  • When you arrive to our office common area, use the hand sanitazer or wash your hands with soap in the bathroom (wash for 20 seconds and use a paper towel to close down the tap and open the door)
  • Inside our classroom you will also find hand sanitazer, tissues and hygiene spray
  • Use hand sanitazer before and after class, also after sneezing
  • Hygiene spray you can use for disinfecting your mobile phone if you wish to do so
  • We take care of cleaning and disinfecting our classrooms, you don’t need to worry about that
  • If you need to wipe your nose or sneeze, use the tissues provided and afterwards throw the tissue to the bin and use hand sanitazer. If possible, leave the classroom before wiping your nose or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially mouth, nose, eyes and ears
  • Keep and empty seat next to you in class, we will choose the size of the classroom according to number of students to allow you more personal space during this time
Expat Chinese Founder: Sara Jaaksola

Taking care of mental health during the outbreak:

  • Try to keep a positive outlook and notice the positive things in your life
  • Concentrate on your Chinese studies, keep your original goals, this helps you to continue your normal life
  • Try to avoid virus related news or social media that make you unnecessarily upset, worried or that increase panic
  • If you feel anxious or scared, speak with your friends, a professional or with us