HSK Flashcards

When memorizing Chinese words or characters, flashcards are a great tool to have! You can use paper flashcards or use a flashcard app like Skitter.

If you live in Guangzhou or elsewhere in China, welcome to buy our Expat Chinese HSK Flashcards!

HSK Flashcards

Flashcards have character and pinyin on one side, English translation on the other side.

HSK Level 1: 150 words 40rmb

HSK Level 2: 150 new words 40rmb

HSK Level 3: 300 new words 80rmb

For higher levels we provide flashcards as well, but please notice it’s a huge amount of cards. You might prefer an app like Skritter that can tell you which cards to review and when. With Skitter you also practise writing and can do a lot more!

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