Newcomers course to Chinese language & culture

Are you new to Guangzhou and starting to settle to your new home?

Do you want to make your life easier in Guangzhou?

In the beginning it takes some time to get your self organized in a culture probably very different from yours, but as days and weeks go by, you start to feel a little more comfortable in the new surroundings.

After the initial settling in period, there are many ways you can make your life easier in China.

To help with that we have created our 10 hours of Chinese language and culture – course!

10 hours of Chinese language and culture

With the following ten lessons you learn the important basics of speaking Chinese and understanding the local culture.

Lesson 1: Greetings and being polite in Chinese

Lesson 2: Introducing your self the Chinese way

Lesson 3: Asking and answering questions – taboos in China

Lesson 4: Shopping and numbers – lucky and bad luck numbers

Lesson 5: Taking a taxi or didi in Chinese

Lesson 6: Ordering food in Chinese and the Cantonese cuisine

Lesson 7: Talking about time in Chinese and the Chinese concept of time

Lesson 8: Making friends in Chinese and the concept of face

Lesson 9: Talking about  family and the Chinese family values

Lesson 10: Brief introduction to the history and culture of Guangzhou

Location and time of the lessons

For individuals: Time slots to choose from: Mondays 4-5pm, Tuesdays 10-11am, Wednesdays 10-11am, Fridays 3-4pm.

For groups: This options is perfect for friends and colleagues, tell us when you are free and we will arrange the course for you at our center.

For companies and organizations (group size 5+): Choose a convenient time for your organization and our teacher will come to your location to conduct the class (or you can come to our center as well if you prefer that).

Address to our center: Zhujiang New Town, GTLand Summer Plaza, Tower D (Next to the Zhujiang New Town metro station exit D)

Prices and discounts

Price of the course for individuals and small groups (3-5 students): 1500RMB/person

Price for medium size groups (6-9 students): 1300RMB/person

Price for large roups (10-15 students):  13 000RMB/course (total price for the whole course including materials for 10-15 students)

All prices include study materials for each student.

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