Tea house visit and a Chinese tea workshop

This November welcome to come and learn more about Chinese tea!

What are the differences between good and poor quality?

How to choose the best kind of tea?

How to enjoy tea?

These and many more questions will be answered during our exlcusive Chinese Tea Workshop where we concentrate on the pu’er tea. One of the best teas in China.

If you have ever drank a poor quality tea at a restaurant, that might have put you off tea completely! But it doesn’t have to be that way, using the right kind of tea and brewing methods can make you truly fall in love with Chinese tea.

This workshop we invite a small group of students and friends interested in Chinese tea to visit a tea house with us and receive a workshop from the tea masters. Welcome to join on your own, with a friend or with your family!

November 10th 10:30-12:30

Fee: 250rmb

Students and their family: 200rmb

Maximum amount of participants: 10

Enjoy a calming and private space at the modern tea house. A beautiful setting for our tea workshop and tasting excellent pu’er tea. 

For this exclusive tea tasting and workshop we are inviting just 10 people to enjoy the tea with us and to learn more about Chinese tea culture. 

Host: Sara from Expat Chinese

Tea experts: Emilie and Jero from Sinellia Tea

During this workshop

– You learn the difference in good and poor quality pu’er tea

– You learn how to enjoy the tea with the best possible flavor

– You understand how pu’er tea is made and the differences in teas

– You will receive a bilingual mini guide to Chinese tea, with useful phrases to use at the tea house or when buying tea

– You will receive a little gift to continue the tea journey at home

How to register

You can register via email or WeChat


WeChat: 15002016434